Anyone has one number that's meaningful.
The number could be various anniversaries such as someone's birthday, the first day of dating, the first day he(or she) kissed, and also would be the time.
I have one such a meaningful number as well.
For me, 929 is my wedding anniversary. (Yes. Sadly I am married.)

Since I got married, I've been wanted to leave by something special rather than to celebrate 29 Sep. that represents my wedding anniversary just a date.

'929' as my own brand has been born in this way, and my worries began since then.
What sorts of products are very suitable for this brand named '929'?
But I realized very soon after beginning worries.
If I put the brand name on the products which is can be anything I made, it's the most meaningful itself.
Rather than I find things that is suitable for '929', I will make the '929' suitable for anything.

Thus, 'by929' as a brand name of my own is launched finally.
In the future, most likely many of by929 products will be released onto the market so you can look forward to seeing what kinds of goods will be next.
I will put a lot of effort into the best quality and the optimal prices, as long as I launch goods with brand named 'by929'

In addition, 'by929' is not only just my own but it could be yours if you give some meanings on it. : )

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Thank you for your attention to by929.
We love hearing from you. :)
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